"Kissed By The Light" EP



One of the great things about the post-genre world that we find ourselves in is that, without the constraints of the old tribal affiliations and the generic rule-books, wonderful new musical experiments are becoming conducted before our very eyes. 

One of the most unexpected, and brilliant, pieces of genre gene splicing is happening in the streets, even as we speak. Having learned classical piano at The Conservatory from the age of six, it would seem that Beranger’s musical career was already mapped out. 

To find him now delivering his unique classical-meets-grunge to gathered crowds in the streets says as much about his views on following your dream, as it does about his approach to music. 

Built on sleek classical lines, it is the dexterous piano work that is at the heart of the music but with a powerful, percussive playing style and a deep, vibrant voice, the music soaks up more than a touch of the Seattle sound and the result is a self-titled “Classical Grunge.” 

Beranger's debut EP "The Kissed by the Light EP" hit over 150 000 views on Spotify in just 6 months 2017, and his unreleased track "Country of Mine" is due to feature on a major UK blockbuster end of 2017. Currently working on new singles for 2018, future releases will feature a full orchestra, venturing deeper into the realms of classical piano grunge. 



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Photos © Chloe Desnoyers
A big thanks to Julian Kilian Jones from Cinema Studios for the video of "Country of Mine"
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